Welcome to STaRT-2015

  • Welcome to India’s National Talent-O-Meter. Welcome to STaRT-2015. STaRT is India’s Biggest Benchmarking Platform for students of Class V to XII of all streams. STaRT-2015 aims to reach out, spot, reward & nurture talented students across the country.

    Since, time immemorial Competition is the basis of success and survival. From the Darwinian "Survival of the Fittest" to extreme world of Olympics where "Faster, Higher and Stronger" rules the world to the hallowed domain of IITs and AIIMS, competition encourages excellence in performance and is the key to all success and glory

    To give you an early feel of this competition, Resonance has come-up with STaRT-2015.

    With Nationwide spread across All Classes, All Boards and All Streams, It is indeed India’s National Talent-O-Meter!!

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